WINXP not recognizing SATA HD full capacity.

Jul 8, 2005
  1. Hi guys,

    Need help with a HDD issue.

    Building a PC for a client, installed everything, OS, drivers, software, etc...

    It wasn't until yesterday I noticed when I went into "MY Computer" to perform a "Diskclean" that the computer was only reading my Samsung 80GB SATA HD as being only 32GB.

    My HD model is P80 series 0812C & my MB model is Foxconn 865 series 865A01-G-6EKRS.

    I called up Foxxconn tech support, guy told me to check the jumper settings on my HD, I tried every combo possible, but only one jumper setting works, as during the XP install the PC doesn't recognize the HD in the other settings, it only recognizes the HD under the original setting I had the jumper set to, but this is the same one where the 80GB is only recognized as 32GB.

    I have the CDROM connected to the Secondary IDE controller on the MB, & the FD is connected to the FD connector.
    I'm stuck, he said try flashing the BIOS, but he doubted this would help.

    Any suggestions? never had this issue before.

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