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Apr 14, 2007
  1. howz it goin people

    i have a question - can anybody tell me how to wirelessly set up my printer for my laptop to print off it
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    Please tell us your printer model, and the wireless setup you now have. It is usually easier to initially setup the printer on a usb cable until it is working properly, then add the wireless component to the operation.
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    i am in a dorm room setup. i have a laptop and a desktop, and I want to set up my printer so I can wirelessly print from my laptop. Yes, my laptop is wireless, but my printer is not. I have a U.S. Robotics maxG router...it has a USB port as well. Do I need a wireless modem? Or can I just hook the printer and the router with a USB cord, and then have my laptop connect with the router? my printer is a Lexmark Z32
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    It would be less expensive to buy a wireless printer.
    What you are attempting to do will likely not be reliable, if it works at all, with a Z32... not to mention the lost time.
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    Your router seems to have the print server capability, so yes, you connect the printer to your router via USB and Read The Friendly Manual.
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