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Nov 13, 2008
  1. Sorry if this is in the wrong area of this forum.

    Since I have installed AVG 8.0 (free), my wireless connection hasn't been working, to connect to my other computer. Basically, it does connect, and everything is working, except that the WINS Server is constantly blank and no packets are being received or sent.

    Sorry if that's not enough information. I use Windows Home, my wireless is a D-Link Air card, and the two computers are in range of each other. Again, I can connect, but it won't allow me to use the internet using my wireless connection or anything internet-wise.

    I don't think I'm the only one with the problem, as many others have had connection issues with AVG 8.0. I have reinstalled Windows 3 times, and even have switched to and from Windows Professional and Windows Home. AVG 8.0 was originally installed on Windows Home, and right after I installed it and then updated, was when my internet stopped working through my wireless connection.

    Anyone that can give me suggestions or help me fix this, would be awesome. I'd be extremely appreciative.
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    Can I please have a response?
  3. Apples

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  4. Apples

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    Almost a week now, and not a single post. Someone post please. Help would be nice too. :)
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    Wow. Sorry. I don't think i've ever seen a thread with no responses and after so many bumps!

    Anyway.. here's some info to start. Will keep an eye on the thread startin now so hopefully get you fixed as well in not too long.

    To start off need some clarification on your problem and some info. I'm a bit confused by your problem description. So let's review it

    You have two computers (i'll refer to as A and B) You installed AVG 8.0 and you think you have a wireless networking problem
    1. System A uses a D-link Air Card for its wireless connection. And you installed AVG 8.0 on it. To be clear: It only uses wireless? (i.e. confirm there's not network cable on it as well)
    2. What does System B use for its network connection? Is it also wireless? And/or does System B have a LAN cable connected? Did you install AVG 8.0 on B as well? or was it just installed on A? (i'm guessing A and B.. but want to be sure)
    3. Now tell me about your networking hardware that sits between your ISP and your computers.
      • Each piece of hardware should have a tag on it indicating make and model. Please tell me each make/model
      • I'm guessing you have a cable or DSL modem, a network router and a wireless access point or wireless router. But don't know if they are 3 different devices? or 2 different? or all wrapped up in a single device?
    4. Let me clarify something (maybe was just your wording in your post) but to be clear... Understand that if your computers A and B both use wireless connections then they each connect and communicate with your wireless access point. They don't communicate directly with each other. It goes thru the wireless access point.
    5. Tell me why you think you need WINS? Home users don't typically need it. (Generally is for large corporations with many, many computer on their LAN side.) Are there WINS settings you have made?
    6. And i'm totally confused when you first say
      then the next sentence says
    7. So what is it? Do both computers connect to the internet or not? Other then your WINS statements, what do you think is not working???
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