Wireless, ICS, LAN problem or conflict

By mysterioustngr
Mar 6, 2010
  1. Hi, hopefully this is posted in the right forum section.

    First problem I'm having is that I'm having issues creating a successful LAN. All three PCs are on the same workgroup, one is win7 and the others are Winxp. One PC is connected to the wireless router (d-link DI-524) and the others are connected to a switch in a different room. Two PCs can communicate to each other but the third isn't communicating to one particular PC but it does to the other.

    Second problem I'm having is that I'm having trouble getting ICS to work on one machine that has wireless connection to the internet through a second wireless router(DI-524 also). I want to share it with the other two PCs over the LAN. As soon as I enable LAN connection, the internet browser stops working although I can still ping the internet. I assigned the LAN connection a static IP and left DNS, and gateway blank. The IP on the second wireless router with internet connection is The IP on the first wireless router is

    If I remove the first wireless router from the LAN and just use the switch I am able to network all the PCs together but still cannot get ICS to work.

    Any suggestions?

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