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Apr 3, 2007
  1. My internet connection will be working just fine, then randomly web pages stop loading and the internet doesn't work, while my peer 2 peer file sharing program still works. When I try to repair, it says "Renewing IP Address" for a while (longer than it should take) then it connects me to the internet but I get a message saying "This connection has limited or no connectivity".. eventually I keep hitting repair and it renews my IP address to something that works. I notice that sometimes when it doesn't work, I open up my network connections and it tells me that Internet Gateway is disabled. I can't access web pages but if i go to my wireless connection status it indicates that I am sending/receiving packets just fine, and I can ping websites and such. I've provided some screenshots to help you get a better picture, sorry if I didn't provide enough information.

    ISP: Comcast
    Router: Linksys

    Lol, just as I went to post this my internet gateway randomly disabled -.- gonna notepad this incase I have to restart my computer.

  2. tipstir

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    Welcome to Techspot...

    Looking at you pictures..

    1. Make sure Windows XP firewall is turned off or disable I see the lock on
    2. Make sure drivers are up to date
    3. Make sure router firmware is up to date
    4. 169.xxx.xxx.xxx is a private ip address and DHCP didn't assing auto IP

    1. Question? How many PCs are wired and wireless?
    2. If you have to shutdown all PCs
    3. Reset the Router
    4. Turn on 1 PC at a time to see if it get's DHCP auto IP address 192.xxx
    5. Once you get the right IP address go to the next one and repeat
  3. Impro

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    1. No Wired, 1 Wireless.
    2. Only this one is using the internet connection.
    3. Tried resetting the router.

    I remember reading somewhere where someone had a similar problem and the solution was his router's IP wasn't matching or something? That might be it, I don't know anything about wireless internet so :S
  4. jobeard

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  5. IronDuke

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    The 169.254.xxx.xxx is assigned by Windows (APIPA) when it is losing signal to DCHP on the router. Try giving the computer a static address e.g.

    You might like to download Net Stumbler to check if there are any other nearby networks on the same channel.
  6. jobeard

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    Very poor description; has nothing to do with signal,
    and everything to do with no response from a DHCP request.

    Secondly, static addresses are no good either if the router has yet to be configured
    , eg channel, ssid, default router address, enable DHCP support, range of
    addresses to support,
    PLUS the encryption.
  7. tipstir

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    If the router isn't setup correctly user is dead in the water. Don't use Windows NIC repair it won't help you with private IP address 169.xxx.xxx. What you could do is un-bind the wireless media (uncheck all the boxes) for TCP/IP, Microsoft Client Network etc... But first the Router has to be setup correctly with the Laptop if that's what you have. Can you try to connect a wired LAN cable to the Router through the Laptop and see if the Router assigns a Auto IP address from DHCP Client Table? Once that's done you can see if the wireless is working once the Wired is working.
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