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Oct 7, 2004
  1. Hello all, I have a minor problem that's more of an annoyance than a real hassle. I have the Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combination and have no complaints about the hardware. However, a few months ago I noticed the screen on my monitor was displaying the desktop when I hadn't been in the room for a couple of hours. I have the Power Saver function under Screen Saver set for five minutes of idle time before the monitor goes into standby. This is a monitor standby only, not a system standby. I know it's the mouse doing it, because at times I have seen the red light under the mouse (the one that activates anytime you move it) pulse on its own without me moving the mouse. If the monitor is in standby, this will activate the cancellation of the power saving feature and bring the monitor back to active status. I have replaced batteries in the mouse and keyboard and the wireless receiver is only about eighteen inches away from these devices. Any ideas what's causing these spurious signals from the mouse when it's not in motion? Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks...
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    Do you have heavy traffic passing by your house?
    Are there any speakers or electrical outlets near the receiver?
    Could your desk be slightly sloping? Use a spirit-level to check.

    Do you have a cat or dog that walks by your desk regularly (or the dog batting its tail on the floor if (s)he is happy)?
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    I've noticed this before with the M$ wireless mice. But in all my instances I have never seen them bring the computer out of standby. It pulses, but does nothing.
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    Thanks to all who replied. The answers to the questions are no, yes, no, and no, respectively. The mouse pad is a Func.net model 1030 Competition Mousing Surface and the mouse itself is rather heavy, but I don't think it could be creeping. I've tried watching the computer when remote controls are used in other rooms. We also have a remote control extender that changes the IR signal from the remote to RF, transmits it over the air, receives it in the other room and converts it back to IR. I watched the computer while that was being used as well. No difference. I guess I'll just have to live with the annoyance, eh? Thanks again...
  5. RealBlackStuff

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    Try moving the receiver as far away as possifble from the speakers or outlets.
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