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wireless network problems (freaky)

By xarr
Dec 8, 2006
  1. Hi. I just wrote a lengthy post and for some reason it didn't post.. so now i just wasted 20 minutes writing and i really don't want to redo that..

    i'll be quick..

    D-link 108g MIMO wireless
    ALLNET 0263p USB2.0 adapter

    guest-comp has WinXP SP2

    network strength showing on my guest-comp is 65-85%

    windows incorporated software for wireless says "not set up to connect to access-point" when i try to connect to my network. But in the "preffered networks" -> "advanced" then it's set to "any" and if i try to change anything about the wireless network settings then it says that it can't be saved.

    the software for my adapter is a HW .32 config utility
    it has a range of tabs where you can see: networks available, profile, about, general etc. only 3 of the ones that should be there are visible before it detects a network, which it won't. Except when i reboot the comp and replug the the adapter, then it can find it once per program execution (if i exit the software i can't detect the network anymore).

    anyway, when i do detect it i can log on and type in my encryption key fine (WEP, shared. Didn't want to connect when i used WPA-PSK for some reason)

    BUT it disconnects after 30-60 seconds, and i then have to reconnect manually and it disconnects again.

  2. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

    Aside from updating your drivers and firmware (for both the wireless adapter and router), I might try disabling the Windows XP wireless config service and rely on D-link's utility instead.

    Start > Run > services.msc

    Find "Wireless Zero Config" service. Does it say "started"? If so, double click on it. Click "Stop" and choose "Disabled" from the pull down menu. Click OK and restart your computer. Try to use the D-link utility now.. any improvement?

    ...Might be a sign of out dated drivers, firmware or Windows XP SP1 (which you should really upgrade to SP2, but it looks like you already have SP2)
  3. xarr

    xarr TS Rookie Topic Starter

    oh my god, THANK YOU :D
    didn't know about that service DOH, should've checked all the services from the start *slap forehead*

    Thank you thank you! FINALLY it works xD
    i've spent hours on that damn thing... *Sighs relieved and kicks back*
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