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Mar 6, 2004
  1. I have 2 computers in different areas of the house and would like a wireless netowrk to share my broadband connection. I am planning to connect one PC directly to the router with RJ45 and use a wireless PCI card for the other. Question is, does the hard wired PC need to be turned on for the other wireless PC to use broadband?

    Also, which broadband router is a good buy up to £70.
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    What you need is a wireless router. You can do wireless B for about $40, or wireless G for about $60 or so.

    The router works independantly of the computers, so having one turned off or on will not affect the Internet connection.

    The router part allows more than one computer to share a DSL or cable line. The wireless part means the router has a built-in access point, of course. :)

    You'll need a wireless card in computers you wish to connect to your access point wirelessly. Most wireless routers come with 4 or more wired ports, for RJ45 connections.
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    I would recommend B for compatibility, but g would do fine, as long as your wireless card supports it. If you're buying new wireless cards, go with g.
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    went out and bought a D-link broadband router (G standard) and a 22mbps D link wireless card. connected all together with wired connection to router of PC#1 and wireless on PC#2. However, cannot get win xp home (pc#1) to network with win 98 se on PC#2.
    Does win xp home not support this or is it am doing something wrong? Anyway, on PC#1 I also have win98se OS and the network set up easily and works perfectly. Anyone any ideas why?
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    I've had the same problem before... First make sure both computer are set to share files and printers, and have something sharing. It might help to have the computers in the same workgroup also...You might also check the XP computer and see if the XP firewall is checked on. I had to uncheck the XP firewall for it to see and talk to other computers...if you uncheck the firewall put a 3rd party firewall on...."ZoneAlarm..it's free"...Good Luck
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