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Oct 2, 2006
  1. I have wireless internet settup in my house. My hard line for my DSL is in my basement and that is where I would like to leave it. My question: Is there any way I can inproove my signal to the main floor of my house without knocking down walls, like maybe setting up a router inbetween the two floors?
  2. detrunks

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    You can use a signal booster / range extender (just google the terms)
  3. Rick

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    Yes, you could use another router or access point to extend your network. It needs to support repeating or aka 'rebroadcasting'.

    There are 'signal booster' products that attach themselves to your router, but I find these largely unhelpful.

    You can also replace your antennas (possibly). You'll need to check and see if your router antennas are user-replaceable. Linksys often is, as an example. You can get a directional antenna (powerful, but focuses signal in one area) or an omni-directional (throws the signal everywhere). Typical routers have 2dBi antennas. You can replace them with 15dBi or more, which will make an appreciable difference, as it will increase the reliability of your wireless in its existing areas and boost the signal well enough to reach areas where it didn't pick up so well before... But don't expect miracles. :)
  4. Bluemouse

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    They do have products that can extend the range.

    You might also want to try increasing the power output of your router. I know the default on the WRT54g is like 28 or something (on mine it was anyways), but you could always try increasing that. Some router firmware doesnt allow you to increase it, but you could try some third party firmware as well if you dont have access to these settings.
  5. tipstir

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    You can setup access points on the next floor to boost the signal. This does work very well. Access points can be turned on in most Wireless Routers.
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