Wireless not working, but ethernet does

Hi guys ,I am facing the weirdest problem . when I m trying to connect my laptop using wifi , my modem get rebooted ..all light gets off (DSL,WLAN,Internet) automatically . is it any malware or what ? I have updated my BIOS , my wireless driver ..but nothing worked :( .nd when I m connecting using ethernet its working fine , modem working smoothly .


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Hi Sssstud,

Please let us know the message you see when you try to establish a wireless connection to the internet. Is your computer able to detect wireless networks? What version of Windows are you using and what is the model and name of the wireless router?

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Change router mtu to 1492

this will stop packet fragmentation which then avoids the necessity of packet reassembly. Reassembly sometimes causes buffer overflow and soon crashes the device.


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Make sure the modem and router are rebooted. Or power cycle both. Turn off power wait 30 seconds then power on first the modem then wait 30 seconds then power on the router. If your using all-in-one modem with router then just power the one device on and off for 30 seconds.