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Jul 10, 2007
  1. Sooo, I've been forced out of my awesome tv room, into a room where i can not run a lan cable. I am aware that Microsoft makes a wireless adapter, but i do not feel like spending $120. Is it possible to use a non xbox wireless adapter? Thanks for the help!
  2. Carbonated

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    I remember hearing about some guy hacking a wireless adapter to work with his 360 but that seemed like major modding...so unless youre good wiht programming i dont think theres any other choice.

    PS does Habitat H20 ring a bell with you?
  3. Supra

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    You can get a wireless bridge if you like, they are little boxes that you can connect a short ethernet cord from your 360 to and they can connect to a wireless access point(router).
  4. Athar

    Athar TS Rookie

    Require Help on Xbox 360


    I bought brand new xbox 360 earlier this month, while playing or watching movies a "black rectangle" appears on screen of TV. if i change the channnel and comes back it goes away.

    Can somebody help why it happens and what should I do make it go forever.
    Will appreciate your help


  5. RedWolf55AJ

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    A wireless bridge huh, you may have just solved my post!!

    How affordable are they, and do they work with ATT Dsl modems and linksys routers
  6. twite

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    Linksys (cheaper)

    Microsoft brand

    The linksys seems to do the same same as the microsoft brand adapter, and is on average $30 less.

    Just beware, if you have any encryption on your network, the Linksys will not work out of the box. You will need to connect it to a PC first, configure it with software, then connect it to your xbox.
  7. RedWolf55AJ

    RedWolf55AJ TS Rookie Posts: 20

    It won't work for encrypted vista connections. I'll find a different brand or something
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