Witness the horror of Street Fighter characters turned human by Google's AI


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Some of these are pretty badly done. I also think that the algorithm could be called racist.

Balrog has been given non-African hair. That's kinda racist.

Ryu looks like a cross between Ralph Macchio and Fred Savage. Ryu is supposed to be Japanese, also kinda racist.

Chun Li looks good but she's supposed to be Chinese, not Ukrainian. Again, kinda racist.

The worst of them is Ibuki. Aside from the obvious stubble (WTF?!) the very shape of her face is all wrong. It looks like the algorithm added 20 years of age and about 50lbs of weight. I don't see a double-chin in her original render. She looks like an overweight Italian New York cop. Her name indicates that she's supposed to be Japanese so again, kinda racist.

Whoever designed this algorithm needs to inform it that not all humans are Caucasians because it's clearly unaware of this fact. :laughing:
All done on purpose by so-called woke, progressive hipsters.


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I liked most of them.

- Guile, Cody, Chun Li and Lucia are perfect. Guile only needs his hair back but that's just because it confused the algorithm.

- M. Bison (the boxer) is one of the few I disliked. He looks more Indian than black now. Ibuki and Sagat were also duds.

- Ryu played by a young Sigourney Weaver? lol. I think Ryu is actually pretty good, would just need a few touches to make him less androgynous.

- Gil is probably my favorite. Just give the red/blue face paint back and it's perfect.

- I actually liked Vega's (the villain) new look. A megalomaniacal, ultra-powerful dictator with the face of a harmless, unassuming nerd. I think it actually suits the character.

- Amazing how Zangief looks a lot more Russian than the original, lol. Just give his dignity back by returning his full beard and it would be perfect.

I'm sure they could easily be done in real time. It's more about art style.

Perfect? Look at Chun Li... Different chin, cheeks, nose, eyebrows, hair, eyes, ears... It's ****.