Woe to "Doll House"

By captaincranky ยท 25 replies
May 9, 2009
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  1. captaincranky

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    "Eliz-ian" Fields..........

    But, "if we buy it, they may renew it (again)", this to the tune of, "if you build it they will come".

    (I'm just as proud as heck of that title, it's just chock full of sexual innuendo and associative references. And, it only took two words to do it). Amuse easily, me? I think not!

    da---dah-da-da-dah-- da-da---- daaa--da-da-dah

    -------(1/16th notes)------------------------ (triplet)

    Or, just sound it out.......Bow---lare -----Oh. ohhh. ohhhhhhhh!.

    Yeah well, I bet we don't get our email now.

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