WOF: Biggest tech failures of 2012

By Jos ยท 28 replies
Dec 14, 2012
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  1. Lurker101

    Lurker101 TS Evangelist Posts: 820   +345

    It's not that they're small. They just look it because they're not fullscreen.
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  2. soldier1969

    soldier1969 TS Booster Posts: 244   +43

    A tie for me between Windows 8 and The Iphone 5 itself. All the hype that built up to the 5 fell flat. Just a half inch longer slightly faster and a new back, goes to show the most die hard Apple fans will buy anything they put out. Not at all the changes we were expecting. Windows 8 speaks for itself. I for one wont be upgrading when 7 runs just fine.
  3. St1ckM4n

    St1ckM4n TS Evangelist Posts: 2,922   +630

    Wow, that is a pretty distinctive lead we have for the top four.
  4. Puiu

    Puiu TS Evangelist Posts: 2,667   +1,101

    Perfect reply. I could not help but smile. ^_^

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