WOF: What was the first game you played online?



counter-strike 1.5 ftw

CS: Source still has me hooked, it will never die


Starsiege: Tribes.

It was such a fun game. I wish they'd make a updated version (and I don't mean Tribes 2)


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Asheron's Call in 1999 was my first online gaming experience - also my introduction to MMORPG's. I played that game off and on for 5 years. But realized what a colossal time sink MMORPG's are so I stay away from them now. Also played Unreal Tournament in 1999.

I'm not that big of an online game fan. Guess I've run into too many "doods" over the years and it's turned me off to it a bit. Every once in a while I'll jump in - L4D2 for example - but more often than not, I prefer playing standalone games. Games like Bioshock, Crysis, Mass Effect series, Dragon Age, etc. I love those kinds of stand alone games. No expectations from other players, don't have to deal with jerks or cheaters - just play at my own pace and enjoy the story.


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I honestly can't remember(and I do have a good memory =/) but I think my first strategy game online was Command & Conquer Generals back when I had a crappy laptop that could only just run it haha =/

My first racing game I think was Need For Speed Underground 2 on PS2, only had a go then got kicked I think, one other game was Splinter Cell Chaos Theory on PS2 but that was completely laggy and rubbish.

I think I do 'take it for granted' but I don't really care because I miss the days when I played split screen multiplayer on the PS2 with my friend, loved those great times on games like Timesplitters 2/future perfect, Ratchet & Clank 3 and last but not least the nice little capture the flag mode on Freedom Fighters, I can just hear it as I think about it - (in American Accent =P)"flag taken by the Soviets" and "Bunker takeover" hahaha =D

I miss this very much.


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ha dude command and conquer for Nintendo 64 bahhahahahahahahah anyone remember that and starcraft for N64 + pc. that was the best.

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Hmm... so hard to recall. I believe it was Doom and then Duke 3D on dial-up. Then Quake 2 was huge, I even took part in a Capture the Flag. At some point I also tried with one of the older Fifa games.

Most recently it's a variety of games on Steam or on the Xbox, whenever I get the time which is not that often unfortunately.


ya good old command and conquer for DOS we even set up our network so we could challenge each other using BNC connectors, terminators and some leftover cable TV wire ya good old 10Base2 connections
ya those were the days when a tech got paid for work and chase down a wire problem on his hands and knees not plug in a device and test too see if it works with your buddy on the other end saying ya or nay in 2 seconds flat


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Warcraft II
Then Unreal

Unreal Tournament is still my favorite game of all time and I play online almost daily even today. Best weapons and overall speed balance ever. 2003 and later looked great but the weapons were OFF.


Tom Clancy Rainbow six PC.... First ever one to be released.... believe it was windows 98 then on a 56k modem connection , use to lag like crazyy!! haha remember those days was a great celebration if I shoot someone.... and complete laugther when i lagged so badly...