WOF: What was the first graphics card you ever owned?



GeForce 6600GT (the AGP model). In spite of some of it's limitations, I was able to get it to run competently for over 6 years without much fuss playing games like TES: Oblivion, Doom 3, CoD: 4, FarCry series, and a few other titles that were popular around the time AGP slotted mobos were being discontinued. The longevity of the card was what really impressed me about it. In spite of the obvious limitations of both the card and the AGP, I was able to keep it running relatively well (I.e. didn't have to dumb the graphics down on games too drastically) until around 2009-10 when it finally died. I read a review some while ago that called it "the little card that could," and that is certainly an apt description of the card.

I did replace the card late in 2010 with a Sapphire Radeon HD3850, but ultimately wound up "downgrading" the following year when I got a MBP for school.


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It was back in the year 2004, I bought an ATI X300 it was an entry level card, but it overclocked quite well! Good ol' days! :)


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My video card history...

1998: first I have is a 4mb video card (shared memory) for my intel Pentium 166mhz mmx processor; can't recall the brand. :)

2003: inno3d mx440 128mb video card for my intel Celeron 1.7ghz

2009: palit nvidia 9800gt 1gb ddr3 for my intel core i3-530; evga nvidia g210 512mb ddr3 for my intel Pentium dual core e5400.

2013; intel hd 4000 for my intel core i5-3570k; have yet to buy NVidia 650 or NVidia 660 if I can stretch my budget within two weeks.


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Palit GeForce4 MX440 64mb 2003
Gigabyte radeon 9600xt 128mb 2004
Gigabyte radeon x1650 256mb ddr2 2008
Xfx radeon hd 4650 512mb ddr2 2009
Xfx radeon hd 5670 1gb gddr5 2011
Sapphire radeon hd 7750 1gb gddr5 2013


Ragepro 8 mb
voodoo 2

Were a couple of the first ones I bought. Since then I have bought so many I have lost count. Currently running a gtx 480 watercooled and overclocked because it was $200 and has better performance than the gtx 570 that was $300 at the time I last upgraded.


My 1st one was an entry level Nvidia 7200.

2nd was a Sapphire 1900gt.

3rd & 4th were 2 sapphire 4770's(still my favorite cards)

5th was a 5670 for a couple of months

6th was a gigabyte 6850

7th & 8th were sapphire 7750's

9th & 10th were sapphire 7770's OC

11th & 12th were gigabyte 7850 OC cards.

13th and current is a Gigabyte 7950 boost.


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It was an ATI [unfortunately I don't remember the model, I was too young -9 yo- to take note of it, but it gave me wrong idea that any PC could handle any PC game, boy I was wrong when "unexplainably" my cousin's PC couldn't run nice and smooth the MS Flight Sim 98]; next one was a NVIDIA TNT2 after my old IBM PC (3 GB HD, 32 MB of RAM, W95, the previously mentioned unknown ATI) couldn't do more.
GeForce2 MX200
GeForce2 MX400
GeForce4 Ti4200
Radeon 9800
GeForce 7600 GS AGP
GeForce 7900 GS
GeForce 8600 GT *
GeForce GTX 660 Ti

My vote for the best buy-for-the-buck and longevity is the 8800 GT.


Ati 9550 128bit 256MB, best moment in my life :D Even only had 4 pixel shader, I still can enjoy a lot of game. Thanks Ati.(y)

S3D Virge 4MB + Orchid Righteous 3D (Voodoo)

Matrox Millenium G200 + Orchid Righteous 3D (Voodoo)

Voodoo Banshee

Riva TNT2 Ultra

Matrox G550

Geforce4 MX440

Geforce 6600GT

Geforce 8800GT

ATI HD5850

ATI HD5850 CrossfireX

Geforce GTX 670


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My first card was some sort of S3 that I believe I got in '95. I paid an extra $300 to upgrade it to 2MB and it was an open-box (return) at the Base Exchange. This was around the time I was really getting into VRML and now I work with one of the guys who originally worked on that project.