WOF: Will you be buying a Samsung Galaxy S7?


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By now you’ll have probably read quite a few articles about the Samsung Galaxy S7, and no doubt they’ll have praised the smartphone and its Edge variant. We gave the Edge a well-deserved score of 95 in our review, calling it “an outstanding phone on the Edge of perfection” – it really is that good.

Of course, like most high-end smartphones, this cutting-edge hardware doesn’t come cheap. And Apple fans will point out that iPhone 6s performs better than the S7 in several benchmark tests. Personally, after having my S7 Edge for a few days, I think it’s an incredible device and worth the premium price tag.

For this Weekend Open Forum, we’re asking if you'll be buying a Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge. Maybe you’ve already got one, or perhaps you’re happy with your current device and don’t feel the need to upgrade. Whatever your thoughts on the S7, do let us know.

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No, I'm not a fan of Samsung devices. Plus I have a Nexus 6P, which while it isn't as good as I want it to be, is good enough for now.


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No, I'm currently running last year's LG G4 and I'm still very satisfied with the performance and functionality. While the S7 would technically be an upgrade, it just seems like an incremental upgrade that wouldn't blow me away.


Samsung, no. Never ever going back to Samsung phones. Been there, done that. Overpriced, buggy, app-stuffed phoned.

As I have mentioned in another thread - it's a phone. Don't need specs like a mediumsize nuclear power station.

My Huawei G620S only needs recharging every three days and are plenty powerful for everyday tasks.


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Most definitely not. It's a very nice blower but you've got to have lost your marbles when you're willing to pay $700/$800 just for a phone.


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Will I spend $800 on a device to make phone calls and send texts? Um, no. All the most useful (as opposed to "time distracting") phones I've used were under $100-$150 (half of them not even "smart" phones), especially for outdoor sports. Decent call quality + SMS texting + read the occasional e-mail + decent battery life + MP3 playback = my needs are sorted. Girlfriend is still using a 6 year old $50 Nokia C3 phone. Why? 3-4 week battery life plus it actually fits in her jeans pocket. She doesn't even bother to take the charger on a 7-10 day vacation.

For portable video / gaming / EBooks / web browsing when travelling, a cheap 8" tablet at a fraction of the price is still a lot more comfortable to use than premium 5" smartphones purely due to the screen size. And a proper Micro-HDMI output on a tablet is still a lot more useful when travelling and having to deal with typical real-world 4-10 year old non-Samsung hotel room / holiday cottage TV's...


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No removable battery so no. I will wait for the Note 6 to see but I doubt it will have removable battery either so yeah...


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In short no but that's not because it's not a great phone (it's surely the best there is right now) but because I have an S6 which is more than enough for my needs.


Already got it :) the vr thing is awesome :D just need to find out how to get the adult stuff to work :p lol


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No, not yet. I tend to buy unused previous model phones for less than half the original price which is why I'm still rocking an s5. (I'm going to skip the s6.. no sd slot). My s5 still looks and runs like new as I stuck a screen protector and a rugged case on it and cleaned out the junk apps. I don't care if it can handle games or vr, (that's what my gaming rig is for) As long as it works well and I can load an sd card up with tunes I'm happy.

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Nope .... My old Motorola $100 special from Consumer Cellular is still chugging along, providing me with all the basic features the "big boys" have so why drop a bundle for just more sparkle?


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Listen to them, heretics, dilettantes, infidels, and malevolent obstructionists to Samsung's technical status and financial advancement, every man jack one of them! :p

You couldn't get a decent next generation iSheep out of that mess if you cross bred them with a pack of hipster females you recruited as they were having coffee at Starbuck's..



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I wouldn't buy it with someone else's money, it really is that bad.
The review wasn't even a true test of anything other than the readers patience.
The phone is definitely not cutting edge, it's overpriced, under-supported and has no removable battery and can't be seen outside in the sun.