Worldeye is the animated globe that offers a realistic visual experience of the world

Shawn Knight

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There was once a time when owning a desk globe was viewed as a bit of a status symbol but now, it simply means you’ve fallen behind the times (see Google Maps). A Japanese company by the name of Gakken...

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Interesting. But with curved display technology just around the corner (It's here in some limited forms), someone will do better.


A really nice idea there!
but it should be a touchscreen connected to the internet and running google earth right on that globe directly

so you could zoom in and out with your fingers swipe to turn the globe and such


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How is owning a desk globe a sign of having "fallen behind the times"? If anything, I'd say it's relevant insofar that you're one of the few people left in existence who actually knows global geography.

Don't believe me? Ask anyone at work if they can point to Sudan. Or if you really want to shame them: Iraq or Afghanistan. There are plenty of folks who can't even point to France, Italy, or the Mediterranean Sea. o.O

Fallen behind? Nah. But then again, I'm probably just an old fuddy-duddy.


For $653, I could purchase a cheap mini projector & tablet, then display google maps on a wall with interactivity being on the tablet...with more features.

Jeff DeWitt

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Techmoan over on YouTube did a nice review of this. It's a really neat gadget and I was impressed enough I ordered one. However, do some checking, you can get on on eBay from reputable sellers for a LOT less than $653.