Worth waiting for Nvidia Pascal GPU and display port 1.3/144hz 4k monitor to buy new computer?

By Limit67
Jan 1, 2016
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  1. Below are the specs for the computer I'm thinking of buying. After looking for an accompanying 4k monitor, I found out that display port 1.3 is needed to achieve 144hz on a 4k monitor. Is the monitor refresh rate that important for gaming? If I wait for the Nvidia Pascal GPU with display port 1.3, are those cards that much better than the Titan X? Before making such an expensive purchase, I can't help but wonder if waiting for those two things to come out. I understand that every year something big comes out and you could play the waiting game forever, but do you guys feel those are two significant enough improvements that they are worth waiting for?

    Any words of wisdom are greatly appreciated!

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    You are correct in that you would need DP 1.3 to do 4k @ 144Hz. Infact I am not 100% sure if DP 1.3 can actually do higher than 120Hz @ 4k resolution? On top of that you could do some serious power, and it is hard to know if pascal is up to this. All we have seen so far is a few snipets and claims from Nvidia about the power of pascal but in reality like many cases its performance is probably lower than lab tests produce. Also take note that there are currently no 144hz 4K screens anyways but this maybe more down to no hardware can run them so whats the point selling them?

    I like you have comparable gpus, running 980ti sli. I have already seen some games struggle when I run them 4k @ 60Hz on my tv with high/ultra graphics settings so I am very dubious as to whether a single pascal card can beat a 980ti, which is nvidias current fastest card. Not only does it have to beat it it would have to be around 200% performance increase to be able to give 120/144 or even 165hz... I very much doubt they will? Previous new cards have sometimes offered around 10% performance increase but yes this is a whole new architecture change and as of yet nothing other than nvidia media to show its real world stats.

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