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Would appreciate help with several "new and better" Yahoo problems

By macx
Apr 20, 2012
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  1. It always irritates me when someone trying to justify their jobs comes up with another one of these "new and better" brain farts that invariably cost me several points of my blood pressure in the wrong direction and a couple hours of my time along with a couple antacids to quell the bile rising in my throat that results from the frustration of having to learn how, if at all possible, to delete or at least circumvent the latest BS gimmick.

    I have a couple now that have pushed my irritation to the limit of my tolerance.

    When I click on one of the links on the Yahoo home page to view a news item and that article opens, there's now a tool bar that opens under the article title that contains, left to right, a link to my email (if I wanted my email instead of the news article I'd have gone there), and links to several social website and a couple other things I never use. I could just ignore the whole thing if it would just sit there and behave itself, but a call-out always open from the email link that covers up the top left of the article I opened. The link says something like NEW: Now the email link gives you a quick and easy way to start a conversation. At the bottom of the call-out is a CLOSE button. As is too often the case, you can do lots of things with that, including closing it, but I haven't found a way to keep it from opening every time and then I have to take the added step of closing it EVERY TIME.

    Can anyone show me how to at the very least disable that email link call-out? I'd love to delete the whole tool bar, but would settle for just not having to deal with closing the call-out over and over and over.

    More recently, another email related irritation - when trying to open my email from the link at the top right of any Yahoo screen, including the home page, it goes to a preview list of recent emails rather than opening up the regular full inbox listing. Oh, sure, at the bottom of the preview box is a link to go to the full inbox list, but again that's another unnecessary step added to get into my inbox. I've been unable to find a way to use that email link at the top right of the Yahoo screen to go directly to my full inbox without the added incremental time and additional step of scrolling to the bottom of the preview box to click the link to the full inbox listing.

    Can anyone show me how to stop that email preview box, or at least disable it or otherwise not have to deal with it - again and again and again.

    Like I said, if someone feels a needs to dream up new BS gimmicks to justify their job, I don't really care. Just don't set it up so it has to be used instead of setting it up as a selectable option.

    Thanks for helping an old man relieve some of these unnecessary frustrations!

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