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Aug 29, 2006
  1. Just a quick question, im looking at getting a X-Fi Xtreme Music soundcard, and am just wondering what the difference is between the OEM and the Retail versions as the OEM is alot cheaper but is there any essential software etc that you dont get with it, and is it possible to get this seperately or is it best just to pay the extra and go with the retail version?
  2. riekmaharg2

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    What are the buying the sound card for. Better sound quality,inputs,outputs e.t.c. Because I have the sound card you are about to buy because I wanted some inputs it came with. However quality wise I realy cant tell the difference between my built in sound card and th X-Fi.
  3. Sharkfood

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    The OEM bundles usually do not come with a box nor any rebate or standard registration methods. They are generally the same product as the full retail, less box and some paperwork.

    If you're buying OEM from NewEgg, they usually include the software disk, all cables/connectors and extras, just it's an OEM part number and comes in a an anti-static bag or plain cardboard box. Look for "Package Contents" near the bottom of most NewEgg product info screens to see the accessory bundle to be sure though.
  4. benjy20

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    Am getting the card for gaming and also for movies etc. Also after a decent gaming headset to go with it.

    Im from the UK so wont be able to order from newegg. Was looking at it from overclockers.co.uk but it says exactly the same about the OEM version as the Retail and doesn't mention what comes with it etc. Tried looking at a few other sites but still didnt really tell me what the differences would be.

    So on Newegg you get the software and drivers etc? Do you know if thats common with most of the sites with an OEM product or is it just Newegg?
    Thx guys
  5. Sharkfood

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    Overclocker's is just as good as NewEgg as they usually sell total OEM "bundles".. versus just the card.

    There is no rule of thumb with OEM gear. Some OEM's just throw the card in an anti-static bag, others give you the entire OEM bundle (which includes a brown cardboard box, driver cd, and cables/connectors all rubber-banded together). So it really depends on the source.

    Overclockers.co.uk also ships here in the USA and a good source for Gainward products as well as other products that do not have US distribution channels and I've ordered rare parts from them, OEM included. I've always received the full OEM bundle myself, but of course this isn't assured. I'd gamble they'll give you the full OEM bundle though since they are a big, reputable chain.
  6. stevenazari

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    I got mine from Ebay - its amazing :D (I love the little movie after the install) I think I got the retail version quite cheap if I remember right it was around £60 from singapore ;) bit of a gamble I know but well worth it!

    I also got Sound Blaster Gigaworks s750 for £120!!!! :eek: I couldnt believe my luck.... and even more so when I found out the nice guy included the creative DDTS-100 Decoder!

    In total the worth of it all came to around £400 :D and there's lill old me paying 170 ish :D

    sorry to brag but I dont usually get a bargain :D
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