X800GT vs 6800TD

By MetalX · 26 replies
Sep 18, 2006
  1. MetalX

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    Hmmm... actually, I won't be able to buy a 7600GT... Also, I found out that a X800GTO runs Oblivion considerably faster than a 7600GT, and while that is just one game, it is a game I play a lot. I am going to order THIS
    X800GTO and wait until DX10 cards come out before buying a really high end card.

    Unless anyone has had bad experience with that brand that is :p... In which case I will consider getting THIS
  2. wolfram

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    Don't worry, the X800GTO is a great card. Mine worked great.
    However, it's starting to get a bit old, but not too much. MAYBE you could mod it to a X800XL, if it has the R480 core.

    That would be great, but maybe you get the R430, or a "defective" R480.
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