Xbox 360 dashboard update arrives tomorrow, new content partners confirmed


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Microsoft is set to roll out a new dashboard update for its Xbox 360 console tomorrow that places a greater emphasis on its media center capabilities rather than just gaming.…

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This is perhaps the greatest thing to happen to the Xbox, Xbox Live!, and Microsoft as a whole. Simply amazing looking and I can't wait to use all of those features tomorrow. Thank you Microsoft and the Xbox Development team for listening to your gamers/users to make the Xbox 360 experience richer than it has ever been.


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My Xbox 360 is used for nothing but streaming stuff to the TV, something it does rather poorly. Especially when it comes to keeping video aspect ratio etc. I think this is a good move by Microsoft. Making the Xbox into something more than a pure gaming console will increase extend it's lifetime within the realm of usefulness. I'm hoping they will improve the streaming options/controls as well. And as always, I keep hoping we'll see Skype on the Xbox one day.