Xbox 360 update adds WPA2 support to Wi-Fi adapter

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Oct 28, 2009
  1. JieMan

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    I'm glad the new adapter has support but I feel they should really start adding wifi built into the console now . One of the biggest things I despise about Microsoft is the way they milk the customer for everything. I own an Xbox 360 but if I were buying a new console today I would choose a PS3 for sure , as its built in wifi , bluetooth , and blueray ..
    Microsoft makes you use proprietary accessories that they charge alot for .. why is the wireless N adapter for the Xbox 99 dollars when I just bought a wireless N usb adapter for my PC for 15 bux . The same can be said about there wireless headset , which is a letdown at working consistently. but above all else why they make you pay for Xbox-live gold when all they do is advertising and try and sell you stuff to make them more money, I would expect that on the free silver membership. Funny how the price of games went up with the new consoles ( claiming is was licensing fees ,, but to who ? Microsoft) and still we pay for Xbox-live
  2. A lot of people with modded boxes were caught after that update there is something more than the wireless security in that update. Google or youtube xbox 360 new ban wave
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    Xbox 360 update adds WPA2 support to Wi-Fi

    Xbox 360 update adds WPA2 support to Wi-Fi

    Is it mean I can use an standard "wi fi usb adaptor" to to comunicate with my router or get on line?
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