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XBOX and Audigy... how do I set this up?

By Zytos
Sep 3, 2002
  1. Ok.

    Right now I have my Xbox, with an Advanced AV pack.

    I have digital optical cable running from the Xbox to an external receiver, which then is connected to speakers. I can get Dolby Digital Sound from my Xbox this way.

    When I go to college I also want the Dolby Digital Sound.

    Is this possible with my SB Audigy?

    If I use one of those Y-cables to run left and right audio to my Audigy's AUX In port, and then go to the speakers, will that provide me with Dolby Digital sound? I thought not, because optical cable is needed. However, there is no Digital In port on the Audigy. So, how would this setup provide me any advantage over running that same cable directly to the speakers without even using the Audigy?

    I've read about other people doing this... so, my question is: Is Dolby Digital possible with an Xbox, Audigy, and a 4.1 speaker system?

  2. TS | Thomas

    TS | Thomas TS Rookie Posts: 1,319

    For what you want you'd need to get a Live/Audigy drive to connect to your Audigy. Then you can connect the Xbox to the drive's S/PDIF In.
    With the new Audigy drivers you'd then have 2 choices - A. Let the audigy decode the AC-3 in software (assuming PC is on of course) or B. Set the audigy to merely bypass that AC-3 stream to the S/PDIF Output on the Audigy/Live! drive.

    I'm not sure what other audio options the Xbox has though the only other choice I think would be to connect it using its analog output to the audigy's line-in port. You'd then be able to get 4 speaker output (front/rear mirrored)
  3. Tweakster

    Tweakster TS Enthusiast Posts: 199

    Have u got a Stereo u could use?
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