Xbox co-founder says the last five years have been painful to watch

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Feb 13, 2013
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  1. m4a4

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    Yes and no. It's more about quality control here. MS feels that greater control would benefit the ecosystem better, and thus you have to get through hoops.
    One example of quality control I've heard about is devs paying for submitting patches (quite a bit too). Basically, test your game properly and make sure it's of good quality before release so you don't waste your money. The only problem I have with that is it's a set $$ amount (from what I've heard), so it hurts the indies that can't afford it. IMO, it should be based on income or something like that...
  2. ikesmasher

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    I think any one of the mainstream gaming consoles could be infinately more successful if they allowed the installation of apps and games outside the marketplace. Not piracy, but like how android works...

    I suppose I understand quality control. Not really working, all this crap in the indie marketplace anyway. Seriously. SO bad.
  3. avoidz

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    Why? Not everyone is in love with Apple products.
  4. That isn't what he is saying. He wants it as easy to develop Xbox games as it is to develop iPhone or Android games - NOT to bring mobile games to the Xbox. This would be excellent and open the doors for smaller independent games companies to release innovative titles rather than the market being flooded with the same FPS clones from the few big boys that can afford the dev kits and licensing. It isn't just MS that should do this, but Sony too.
  5. gingerbill

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    I think it's a bit silly for the author of the article to be so critical after all the console has been a huge success , I imagine it outdid all there expectations . I think the Xbox was a great console , admittedly its well past it's sell by date now but it has to be considered a great triumph.

    I do completely agree that they should make it easier for indie companies to release games . Also make it easier and cheaper for companies to patch games.
  6. How is what Microsoft doing any different to what Samsung does? find out what your competition is doing, copy it and try to do it better?

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