Xbox Live bans prompt class action lawsuit

By Jos · 57 replies
Nov 20, 2009
  1. I love the timing of the ban. Sure, I hate M$, but this is hilarious. M$ has a set of rules you agree to follow when you subscribe. If you break the rules there are a predefined set of penalties that they describe will occur. I believe the timing is more a slap in the face to those who pirate and/or mod games and is well deserved. I have 0 sympathy for a pirate or modder; you were warned beforehand. The only thing I will gripe about is the fact that M$ is really snotty when it comes to helping people who didn't deserve a blow from the ban hammer but that is a different matter all together. Your loss is definately a true gamer's gain.
  2. RealXboxMaster

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    I totally agree with guest. Nice post
  3. I have had 3 XBox consoles which died from the blinking red ring of death. I am by no means a MS cheerleader. I was considering a modded box out of spite. In 07 I simply tossed the first console in the trash, "I didn't know any better". In 08 purchased #2 from a pawn shop, it lasted about 6mths. I took it out to a friend’s ranch and we used it for target practice, that was fun. In 08 I tried to fix console #3 that was a gift from a friend, it was sent back unprepared stating, you are sh^$ out of luck because they could tell that the console had been opened. After talking to customer service, I found out that they were trying to detour the use of modded chips and cheats back then. I explained that I was neither and all I wanted was for my dam xbox to work. If their is anyone who has a claim against MS I would like to think it was me. After COD, COD2, Halo, and GW2 I would have to state that a lower intellect finding ways to cheat online and get the upper hand over someone playing by the rules is classic American. After playing against some of the vermin online in COD, I for one am asking for more regulation. I wouldn’t even bother to contact MS if I had lost a box to the ban. Cry babies! Ha, Ha, I'm laughing at u everyday!
  4. clyde94

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    The law firm is out to make some money at Microsoft's expense. The people using a modified xbox did it to play games without paying for them and they knew they where breaking the terms of service by modifying their box.They have not been blacklisted their console has been banned so go buy a new console play by the rules and quit your whining.
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    I believe it is the users faults for going against the xbox agreement policy. Although the vast majority of users have never modded their systems in any way, it is the minority of people that caused this. Think about how many people play xbox online, I'm sure we won't be missing any of these players.
  6. yes they do BUT look at my case i bought a used 360 and had no idea it was modded if it actually is...i have never played a burned game myself .If microsoft did this they should do it right instead of just assuming everyone with this system actually did something at least offer a way to verify or talk to people about it....they wont even talk to you.....i personally think they are handling it very shitty i own 3 xboxs and this elite is the only used console i have all the others are new purchases but now i have decided to have every single 360 i own modded and download and burn every game i can....they have pushed me over the limit
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    well, your predicament is a different one though. Hopefully they are actually looking at emails that people send them, and in your case they should look into it. If you payed for it online, it is easily trackable, and they should replace yours.
  8. I saw an earlier post about banning crippling the hard drive memory units etc after being banned. This is not true, after obtaining a new console you will have to recover your gamer tag and reassign your drm to your new console. After you do that the only thing you lose is any progress you made post ban.
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