Xbox Live problems

By ZeroSkating
Dec 7, 2010
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  1. Ok so I like having my friends comeover and bring their xbox 360's so we can play online together. Whenever we all get on xbl its really hard to find a game. We usually spend 10 minutes searching for a game (Halo Reach) and then give up. Or if we play something like CoD black ops, we join together, when we start searching it takes a long time to find a game and almost always kicks one or more of us out.

    Other times it usually kicks me or someone else off xbl and wont let me sign back into live, just says there is an error. Is it the game, xbl, or my internet?

    We use my Belkin Wireless G Router 2.4gz. Me and one friend use the wireless and my other uses ethernet to the router.

    When its just me and my family at home our internet works just fine. I can be online with my computer, on Xbl, and my brother and dad can be on diff comps online as well, no prob.

    I just want to know why we cant have multiple xboxes running Xbox live at once without connection issues.

    Idk if its cause my router is kinda older, or if there is just too much using the internet at once.

    Im not super savy when it comes to how internet works and the terms so be patient with me lol. Thanks and let me know.

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