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xfx gf5900xt and some problems after installing ANY drivers

By iohkus
Jul 13, 2005
  1. I have a XFX GF5900XT (128mb) video card and I'm having some problems...
    I posted on the xfx boards but they seem pretty dead so I figured I'd try here in the hope someone would be able to help me out....

    (I had a similar problem 3 months ago that at the time I put down to some kind of undetactable malware on my pc, at the time I restored from a backup image of the main drive and that seemed to sort it.)

    I'm still not 100% sure this problem is even being caused by my card or not, basically yesterday while using my pc my screen started to turn itself on/off, seemingly at random after a bit of fidling around in windows (running avast virus scanner and adaware se and not finding anything with either) I decided to restart.

    After restarting, the computer got asfar as the windows loading screen and the screen turnned off, there was also no keyboard response so I assume it had also locked up, or was busy loading some crap, ANYWAY I restarted and ran in safe mode and that worked fine, but nothing I tried could find any problems, in the end I decided to cut out all the hassle and restore my main drive from a backup image (using boot it ng) everything went fine untill I went to my second hdd and ran the nvidia driver installer, at 50% the screen flashed on and off and then started doing it all over again o_O

    I've reinstalled from the image again and tried to install the drivers from the original xfx disck that came with the card and at 50% it restarts the computer.

    NOW I've removed all hdds with important info on and reformated the rest and done a complete reinstal of windows from the original cds , and it's done the same again...

    Without the drivers installed my pc is opperating fine, original drives will NOT install and newer ones make it start doing this dodgy screen flicking/non windows boot,

    the only thing I can think that is causing this is either some kind of hardware problem on the mobo or graphics card or perhaps some kind of glitch in either bios,

    oh btw my pc is (currently) using win xp pro sp1 as it comes off the disk (for now) an msi delta2 ilsr mobo (nforce2 chipset) and a 1900xp

    I REALLY apreaciate any help people can give me over this.

    Thankyou in advance

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