XP 99% CPU usage/XP setup error. Please Come in savvy's!

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Oct 25, 2004
  1. OK, 2 xp problems...I'm freakin' out here! check my profile to see my system 1 specs.

    1. I login to Xphome and Xp hangs for a very long time and doesn't show my Start Menu/Taskbar/Desktop icons. I open Task manager (which takes long to load up) explorer.exe is running on 99%. This started happening since i defragged my HDD and used system mechanics pro 5 and restarted pc then BOOM this long xp hang happening to me even on safe mode.I tried last known config/2 system restores. Nothing worked. I have a Alienware Xp home Recovery CD-rom. But i don't know if it's a upgrade cd or a full xp cd. So if it's upgrade i can't format my drive/if full i can format my drive. or i do have xp recovery console installed but don't know how to use it! If i don't need to format my drive please tel me. maybe some registry setting that caused this (who knows, you know?) Please tell me.

    2. I try to reinstall xp but when Xp setup is loading i get an error message saying "Si3112r.sys could not be found". I know you're gonna tell me to get the drivers from manufactor site. Which drivers? Which site? For my motherboard (asus k8v deluxe) or my Hard Disk Drive (seagate ST380013AS SCSI)?

    Please help me on either 1 or 2. I'm begging you. email me or reply. please read carfully of my description of the problem. I'm willig to delete all files too (if that's the case). I'm willing to go anywhere online to find drivers please guide me there. I'm willing to give you hiJack this logs also. Note: that task manager is the only things that works right now because i ended the explorer.exe process (which took 99% of cpu). now i have no desktop icons/start menu coming up. Please help me. feed me the advanced way. Ask any questions. this is a plead.
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    Ahhh, the ALIENWARE User. A much good computer, indeed. You said that you have Alienware Recovery CD-ROM, You just pop in your cd and follow the instruction, taht is all it. Oh while you are there, when Windows XP Home run smoothly, suggest is go to MS Windows Update for downloads all patches and Directx. Try not to download SP2. I heard the rumor that SP2 have a rather large security hole. Just stick SP1 until many of Techspot addicts say okay to instal. (MANY i said?) Good Luck!

    Lucan, a.k.a The Reckoning

    P.S. your post is not plead, if you include that words, this ward off the reader rather than reply your problem. Thanks
  3. PJthyPisces2004

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    thanks for advice BUT i don't have Alienware Respawn cd, I have XP restore cd. When i try to reinstall xp it says the following message when loading in Setup " Si3112r.sys could not be found". where could i find this driver and put it on Floppy disk?
  4. poertner_1274

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    You could have a look here and see if this post helps you. I think it might :)
  5. SpectralKiller

    SpectralKiller TS Rookie

    Im having the exact same problems as the explorer eating my cpu at 99% all the time. Anyone help? please :)

    anyone help please :( im stuck here not able to open anything atm

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  6. SpectralKiller

    SpectralKiller TS Rookie

    anyone please?!
  7. howard_hopkinso

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    Take a look at the following thread by RBS.

    How to remove Begin2search / Coolwebsearch

    Follow the instructions exactly and it will help you.

    It might be a good idea to print it out.

    Regards Howard :grinthumb
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