XP boot failure after using windows update

By marksaunders73
Aug 12, 2005
  1. I have recently installed a new hard drive, carried out a full format and installed windows XP. I have followed this with Samentic 9.0, MS Antispyware (beta) and my broadband driver. Live updates and full scans with both programs reveal nothing unusual.

    Everything looks 100% clean and operational until I attempt to update windows.

    My first problem occured after manually using windows updates to load SP2. Download and installed successfully but after a restart the system would hang on XP login page (prior to Welcome page), flash a blue screen for a split second then load back to BIOS options. From this point on the only way in would be safe mode.

    I have run security software with restore points off in safe mode and nothing has been found.

    Ive then reinstalled XP and security software in the same way. Used the pc trouble free for an evening, then scheduled an automatic update. Once completed the 1st update would attempt to restart and hang in the same manner as above, ending on the BIOS option page. Attempting to load 'last good config' in this situation does not work.

    Unfortuneately the message on the blue screen between the XP loading page and the crash is flashed up to fast to read.

    So it seems I can use my pc with no updates, straight off my XP disk, but not after any updates. Any ideas would be great. Ive a few IT minded friends who are also baffled.
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