XP Freezing

By chmooney
Mar 14, 2005
  1. Hi, I am new to this forum, but have been having some trouble with my computer in the last month or so and was hoping you guys could help me out.

    Well my computer was running fine and there was absolutly no hint of a problem, then I turned it off and went back home for the weekend (college kid). When I came back, I turned it on, but when it gets to the user log in screen I clicked on my name and it freezes there. So I reboot and this time it loads the XP desktop and background and everything, but freezes here. I do this about 10 times and it freezes at various stages.

    I got it to stay active long enough to get it to reboot in safe mode the next time. so from there i did a system restore. but it came up with some message saying that nothing had been changed with the restore even though i set it back about 3 or 4 months.

    I went back in regular mode to see if anything was fixed. It froze again, so in frustration i just went and watched tv leaving it frozen. Then it just started running smoothly for a while so i went back and msn messenger and some of those other things had been trying to connect to the internet so I turned those off and it would run pretty well after that. So now I stopped those from starting on the opening and have completely taken out the cat5 cable thinking the internet thing is the problem. I can play games and stuff on there now, but still every 5 minutes or so it freezes for a good 30 seconds and then comes back and works like nothing had ever gone wrong for about 5 more minutes then same thing over and over.

    I have no idea what is wrong and Im sorry I wrote so much, but I wanted to try to make sure you knew everything I did so you could help me figure out what is wrong with it. Thanks so much in advance.
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