XP Full key + Upgrade cd works!!! But will I get activation problems?

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Jul 28, 2007
  1. Hi,

    For a family member I'm building a new pc. Because he himself has a licence for the Full version of XP Home I obviously would like to use it on the new pc and remove it from the old pc. However he has lost his original cd. To test the new pc I temporary installed an old harddisk in the new pc. Because I have no xp cd from the full version I thought, what the heck, I'll try my Upgrade cd of XP Home and use his key and it worked! It didn't even ask for a cd from a previous version of Windows to check if you are entitled to use the upgrade version! But this should not be possible right?

    My question is: will this combination work without problems: there will be no problems with Windows update and activation? (It is kinda hard to get an new retail cd without spending a lot of $).


  2. fastco

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    If the hardware is similar in both computers then you won't be asked to activate that copy of Windows. The Activate Windows annoying pop up would have popped up as soon as installation was complete.
  3. Anlavabeed

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    Sorry if I was not clear enough with my question.
    What I would like to know is: is it possible to use a Full licence key of XP with an Upgrade XP cd.

    Hardware is different btw and it is asking for activation. What I'm not going to do yet because I haven't put in his HD yet. I really need to be sure that the activation and upgrade of Windows will work.
  4. fastco

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    The easiest thing to do is to call to activate and say you changed motherboards because of a defect. It's all automated anyway.
  5. RedVision_350

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    Or you could use AntiWPA.
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