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XP Home Edition loads to black screen

By animiediot
Jun 18, 2005
  1. Hi. I had downloaded a file from download.com then tried to open the setup file, it took a while and made my pc sluggish. It never loaded anything so I decided to ctrl alt delete and shut down it's process (plus a couple other things, nothing out of the norm that I didn't know about though). It was still sluggish so I ran a few spyware/adware programs and decided to just system restore to a couple days ago. During the system restore I left the room and came back about 30 seconds later and saw that it was on a black screen. (I've never seen that happen before) So I waited a while then rebooted.

    Anyways whenever I try to boot up my pc I'll see the bios screen then the Windows XP logo screen with with the loading bar, that loads, then I will get a black screen where I'm supposed to see my user account where I enter my password. Whenever I restart it's the same thing. I hear the fan running sometimes after the logo screen loads which is usually the sound I get when I see my user account. I've tried running in safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with command prompt, and even tried "the last known configuration that worked". No luck at all, the "last known config." and starting up windows the normal way take me to a black screen after the xp logo. Using each safe mode will load up to:

    The last thing that's right after that is (which doesnt load and shows up for about 5-10 seconds):

    which is definitely a problem.

    Oh and I booted to the Utility Partition and ran all the tests in there, 1 error came up and that was with "IntelCH5 Audio-Analog Sound Playback Test". Not sure if that would help, just letting you know about everything I did.

    Do you guys know what the problem is? I've never had anything like this, or problems with this pc since I got it. And everything was fine b4 I decided to run system restore to be safe.

    All I'm worried about now is a bunch of files for work that I can't even get to -_-.
  2. DusX

    DusX TS Rookie

    did you ever figure this one out???

    I have the same problem right now.
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