XP install CD says hard drive not installed

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Mar 17, 2009
  1. So I finally got a new motherboard to boot, but got a Stop 0x0000007B error. I booted from the XP CD, and after attempting to install (first option) or recover(second option), the CD says that it cannot find any "hard disk drives installed.." I made sure the HD was connected, and the same thing happens, so I find this odd. The IDE hard drive worked fine on the old motherboard until that motherboard died. The HD is connected with the same cable as the the CD drive.
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    Hey iambinary1

    On startup, press Del to enter into your BIOS. Check if your HD shows up in the list. You might want to check your RAM as well. Download Memtest from www.memtest.org and run it to test if your RAM is functioning properly. Alternatively, you could keep just one chip of RAM in at a time and test to see if you have any errors on installation.

    Spyder_1386 :)
  3. iambinary1

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    The Ram is fine; the HD is not showing up. On "IDE channel 0 master" CDU shows up, and on "IDE channel 0 slave" it's empty.

    Is the CDU suppose to be set on slave? because the hard drive is set on default, which would likely be master.
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    OK, so I set the CD drive to slave, and now it detects both.
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    On the HDD remove the jumper and check it is well connected. This may be due a problem with the connection or even with the HDD.

    If even this don't work then try the HDD on another PC.
  6. iambinary1

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    I guess that post was meant for before my most recent post?
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