XP Install & impact on existing files?

By 1cyril1
Aug 8, 2005
  1. I'm using Win2000 at present; want to move to XP Home edition. Check on compatibility tells me I can't upgrade but ... looks like I can do a full install instead. Will this wipe my disk (not partitioned)? How much disk space am I likely to need? This is my first post so any help greatly appreciated!
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Please fill in your PC specs under User Profile, top left on any screen.
    Tell us what year that PC was made.

    If an upgrade does not work for compatibility reasons, then a full install will not work either!
    A full install will wipe everything from your harddisk. Using e.g. Partition Magic, you could split your harddisk in 2 or more partitions. For W2K you need 3-5GB, for XP a minimum of 6-10GB is advisable.
    Or, if you have let's say a 40GB disk, split it in 20GB-20GB and install XP on the second partition (provided it lets you!).
    You would automatically get a dual-boot W2K-XP.

    Either way, again IF you can install XP, you will need all the motherboard, sound, graphics, printer and other peripheral drivers BEFORE you start installing.
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