XP Merion Laptop

By wooded
May 27, 2008
  1. Hello Chaps,

    I have a problem, well I say I, really my mothers problem but she knows how to turn on the laptop and thats about it.

    OK, so i've read through what seems millions of articles and fixes but thought i would throw my own problem out there to see if i can resolve this with relative ease?

    So its the old XP won't boot past the MUP driver - won't boot normally just loops to windows wiindows logo - shows a very quick error shuts down then starts again. Safe mode gets as far as the MUP driver loads that up then starts the cycle again. I know its not the MUP driver but the one after - only god in his infinate wisdom knows what it is - i suspect a USB driver of some sort.

    So i can boot the XP CD and try to repair it - but at this point it tells me there is no hard drive present... bit strange but hey ho... went to the Bios to see if there was a problem with it - nope shows in there... just not when doing a reinstall or repair. so the XP CD is a bit useless. changed it thinking might be a fault with cd - its not.

    I have the pheniox Bios - limited version, so can't disable the USB ports - which i think is where the problem lies. The last think to be installed or plugged into the laptop was an Ipod.

    I need to know if its worth me opening up the Laptop to get the hard drive to save the data - as i really ned to keep it - or if there is a more less intrusive way of saving my mothers piccy's.

    is there a way to remove drivers without booting into windows? - i've exahuasted all my knowledge to resolve this and now need some advice


  2. wooded

    wooded TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Broken Laptop

    I have had chance to play around with the idea and now am trying to make a boot usb stick - think its the only way i'm going to save the data on the hard drive or at least find out why its not detecting it on the XP install but is detecting the hard drive in the bios.
    I have managed to make a stick that boots to windows 98 dos command, but i'm failing to create a stick that will boot to the XP desktop. Not sure why though?

    maybe someone can give me some advice? - ps i don't have a floppy drive to create a bootable floppy for Dos files......

    i have 2 laptop - mine that working fine and my mums thats dead - got my usb stick 1GB and now alot of programs that i have tried to create this stick


  3. stech1000

    stech1000 TS Rookie

    Hi Kev

    If you are comfortable I will suggest you to do Manual System Restore by booting the computer from the Windows XP disk

    for more information please open up the Microsoft article give below

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