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By Clicker
Jan 2, 2007
  1. Hello, I recently had the Trojan Spy. Win32@mx bug in my computer. Since I had the bug, when I type inino (like on this forum) ome of the letters do not show up so you have to go back and retype everything.

    How can I fix this, it is very annoying.

    Any help on resolving this issue will be appreciated.

    (I'm pretty sure I have removed the Trojan bug, but who knows)

  2. Goalie

    Goalie TS Booster Posts: 616

    A few obvious things: Have you cleaned your keyboard? Blown it out with compressed air and such?

    Is it always the same missing letters? A certain set, or is it at random?

    You say you have to go back and type everything again.. you can't just arrow or click back to the missing letter? Or is the textbox you're working with losing focus?

    With a Trojan, you can never be truly, fully sure that it is gone as often the first bug is only a gateway to install several others. Best advice is to reinstall, but in lieu of that, in rare rare RARE occasions missing letters have been signs of a keylogger. I emphasize rare, as most of those keyloggers are now detected by AV/Spyware programs.

    What antivirus or spyware programs have you used? What operating system are you using, and what programs do you have running?

    Any and all detail will help us in trying to find a solution for you. Btw, welcome to Techspot!
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