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By ptim
Nov 13, 2008
  1. I have a copy of XP on my computer, that I have had several hard drive problems with. (We have a lot of weather and power outage’s problems), I’ve reloaded XP a couple of times, this last time, I get a message telling me, that I have exceeded the amount of times I can load XP.

    I also have a Compaq computer that has XP on it, that I’m trashing, is it possible to use the Product ID from the Compaq onto my other computer.
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    It doesnt matter how many times you reload it, its your key and Disk, it should ask you to ring Microsoft and do it over the phone, just tell the person on the phone your problem with the power outages and he will authenticate the key for you.

    As for the other PC, then yes i frequently change PC's and use the same key, as long as it is only installed on one PC then your within the licencing terms, again if the question of activation comes up ring MS as per the activation wizard.

    Getting the key sticker off the old PC may be a problem, but you need to if you want it for the new one, i use a hair dryer to gently warm it then lift it off.
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