XP Repair mode hates my password

By mucklucks ยท 5 replies
Jul 14, 2005
  1. I can log into my XP in normal or safe mode, no problem. But when I boot from the XP installation disk (to repair XP) it will not accept my password. I am the only user and the administrator. But it will not let me in. I just changed my password to see if that helped. Nope. The XP installation disc in R-for-Repair-mode still won't accept my password. What in the devil do I do? (I have SP-2 installed, by the way.)

    For any & all replies, my groveling gratitude.

  2. howard_hopkinso

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    Take a look HERE for an alternative way to repair Windows. It may help.

    Regards Howard :)
  3. mucklucks

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    Good advice. but not applicable

    I had already read Rick's post "How to Repair Windows XP/2000 if you are unable to boot into Windows", and unfortunately it does not cover my issue at all. I _am_ able to boot into windows. My problem is that the disc refuses to recognize my (never entered, therefore blank) password. I am now in Windows XP (using my blank password) and I am the only user. I'm also the Administrator. I can change anything I want in my system, but I cannot get beyond the password test of the original installation disc (in its Repair Mode).

    Thanks for your thoughts. I hope you and others will keep them coming.

  4. reprieve

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    try typing in >>> nopassword
  5. mucklucks

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    It worked!

    Hoopla & Hollidays, reprieve's 'nopassword' did indeed open the repair module, and I am a Most Happy Fella!
  6. reprieve

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    Hi, MuckLucks ~

    Learned that from a techie when I was jammed in an XP SP2 installation failure on a client laptop: SP2 didn't uninstall correctly (turns out there wasn't enough space left on the HD for the installation / uninstall). Couldn't boot into Safe Mode: PC wouldn't load Windows, constantly rebooting. Got the disk, got to recovery, and choked at the password entry. nopassword saved the day.

    After all was said and done, proceeded to clean up temporary files, etc. Service Pack 2 then installed successfully. I have learned to check HD space, clean up, and defrag before attempting any SP2 installation.

    Noted the date of your previous post, didn't know if you'd already given up, but wanted to share nopassword anyway for anyone else who might be Googling.

    Glad it worked for you, and thanks for letting us know.

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