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Oct 12, 2007
  1. Have a master with XP and put in a second hard drive and installed Vista. Dual boot was no problem. Had probs with XP and reinstalled same (Pro) and now can no longer dual boot. Vista is gone but appears in My Computer. Any help? Thanks.
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    Two ways to do this,see HERE and HERE -

    Method 1-

    a) Insert the Vista DVD - click "Repair your computer" - select your OS - click "Start up Repair" - now booot into Vista

    b)Then download EasyBCD - Add/Remove Entries - Add an entry - select Windows/XP

    Change the name to “Windows XP”, then click “Add Entry” and “Save”.

    Method 2 -

    Use VistaBootPro (you need .Net Framework 2.00 on your XP system to install this.

    If you haven`t got that, or can`t be bothered to download that,use method 1).

    Open VistaBootPRO, ignore the prompt to backup your BCD -

    System Bootloader tab - select "Windows Vista Bootloader" in the first section

    and "All Drives" in the second section and then click Install Bootloader

    Next, go to the Diagnostics item on the menu bar and select "Run Diagnostics".

    VistaBootPRO will default back to the Manage OS Entries page and you will see that

    you now have entries there for "Earlier versions of Windows" as well as "Microsoft Windows Vista".
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    VistaBootPro 3.1 worked. DL .Net Framework 2.00 first ... and I emphasize 2.0~ Thanks all.
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