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May 2, 2005
  1. Hi, can anybody advise me please, I'm trying to help a friend to fix her pc, and the problem is that she is unable to start her pc at all. She has XP installed, and when the pc is started she gets the bootup menu that says the computer wasn't shut down properly last time and whether to start from the last known configuration that worked, or safemode, or start windows normally etc. The problem is, whichever option I choose, the pc reboots and comes back to that menu, even when I choose safe mode. I don't know how to get it out of this cycle (without formatting) and was wondering if any of you good people could help me out. PS My friend said the last thing she did before the problem started was to install some new software.
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    Is your situation like this?
    I had the same thing happen if it is the above. I put my hd in another computer saved the stuff, reformatted, installed xp and drivers, etc, and it fixed my problem.
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    You could also try a repair install as per this thread HERE

    If this works then you wont need to format and wont lose any data.

    Regards Howard :) :)
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    Thanks for that, I'll work on those things. I'll just add that I've had another look at the pc, and I set the bios to boot from the windows cd, but when I tried to start I got an "invalid system disc" message
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    You sound like you are have the same problem I had several months ago. I ended up having to download from a friend computer the start up disc for windows xp. You can get this from the microsoft site but make sure you download the correct version of windows xp, ie home or professional. You will need 6 floppy discs. Boot your computer with the first and in my experience repairing windows didn't work, I had to install it again but you will get prompts. Good luck...but I can assure you that was just the start of my problems!!!
    Service pack 2 is bad, I was using Magix software to edit and make movies from my camcorder and xp service pack 2 didn't like the driver that magix used! Still get blue screens and lots of error messages but I've got the 6 floppy disc which save my life!!!!!
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    Thanks Bex, I've downloaded that and made the 6 floppy discs. At the moment I'm waiting for my friend to get her XP disc back as her ex has it at the moment. Then I'll be able to try out some of these ideas.
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