XtR-X. FSB/Memory Overclocking "Continued"

By erickdj
Mar 1, 2004
  1. XtR-X, I have the exact same motherboard/cpu/ram combination you have. I saw the thread and started to follow your steps and some of the suggestions by Vehementi and some others. I have my cpu set to 200Mhz x 11.5 just like your last post here. My ram timings are 2.5 3 3 6 which is somewhat different to what you have and what Vehementi recommended. at 2300mhz the system is just as stable as it was with the 10.5 multiplier. My vcore voltage is set at 1.775 in the BIOS but CPU-Z said it was at 1.790 I'd like to know if you get it to run stable at anything higher than 2300Mhz.
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