Yahoo email won't send Word doc with Firefox bookmarks


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I used to be able to do it but today it won't send the email.

It says it won't because there are links (in the attachment).
It says to try adding some text to it.
I added some text to the Word doc and it still won't send it.

It says it's trying to control spam.

If they're trying to do that, they have a lot of work to do before
they start blocking my personal emails!!

I tried calling Yahoo tech support and of course I couldn't understand
him plus the connection was so poor I only got about every 3rd word.
Phone lines must be poor in India!

Thanks for any help!!


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Hmm: the intent is easy to understand.
Email has the structure
  • headers
  • body
  • --- possible attachments --
so every bit is available for scanning

Your word doc has basically RTF + external links (excel has links too)

But the scanning must take place before the encryption AND the scanner must be able to access and scan the link content. I use Avast! Free precisely for this reason. Apparently Gmail has rolled their own implementation.

To circumvent the issue, you could rewrite the links as text; that is, do not use INSERT LINK, but just write plainly
http :: // theUrl/to/whatever
    ^  ^  ^
notice the spaces
Yea, IMO it stinks too, but sometimes the human can do what machines can not :)


The thing is a few days ago I was able to send a several page Word doc with upwards
of 100 bookmarks on it extracted from Firefox into an html and then copied and pasted
into a Word doc.

Today I can't do that.

WAY too many to fool around writing every one!

I'll probly just open an email account in another service for the few times I want to do that.


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Will it accept a .zip extension? Try zipping the document and see if it will accept the attachment. You can use Windows' built in zip utility.


I just discovered something else. It may actually not be the attachment at all.

I just tried to send a plain old email and it gave me the same garbage, telling
me it wouldn't send it cuz it has a link in it (which it doesn't).

Wonder if there's something embedded in my computer that is trying to
jump to other computers or something? I just scanned yesterday, a complete
MalWareBytes scan (found nothing) and a complete AdAware anti virus scan -
found 3 things that were deleted. Guess I'd best try it again.

I'll post results.


Scanned with AdAware AV and again with MalwareBytes, nothing found.

Ironically, when I went back in and tried it, now everything works! ??

In the meantime, I did a search for secure alternate emails and came up with an
interesting one called GMX. Free for the basic. Said to be quite secure, works
with all browsers. Signed up, easy to use. At least now I have a good alternate
if Yahoo gets stupid again, which it does seem to do every once in awhile.

That GMX is reportedly more secure than the popular big name emails,
and no popups, no spam, and lots of free storage.