Yahoo returns to messaging with group chat app Yahoo Together

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Yahoo didn’t stay away from the messaging arena for very long. After shutting down its legacy instant messaging client Yahoo Messenger over the summer, the Internet pioneer is back with a new messaging service featuring a more modern slant.

Yahoo Together is more of a Slack competitor than an AOL Instant Messenger rival. The app was built by the same team that developed Yahoo Messenger and was beta tested earlier this year under the codename Squirrel.

Yahoo Together is all about mobile chat, allowing users to easily group conversations into categories to keep better tabs on everything. It’s meant to be a practical alternative to group SMS threads that can quickly get cluttered.

Like other group messaging apps, you can share photos, GIFs, links, reactions and so on with other participants, search existing conversations to find what you need and mute notifications when you don’t want to be bothered. You even get a handy Smart Reminders feature to send reminders to the entire group at a scheduled time.

Yahoo Together is out now for Android and iOS. No word yet on whether or not a desktop app or web version will eventually be offered.

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Sorry for the poor souls who had to spend their precious time developing an app which will never be used.

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I like how the article states that "Yahoo knows a thing or two about creating successful messaging clients".... I highly doubt that the same people who designed Yahoo Messenger are even at the company any more.... that was over 20 years ago... Yahoo knows NOTHING about messenger apps now...
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Yahoo account I have is over million emails and scammers use yahoo because of the little known bug in it. I only look at that mail 1%. 5% on gmail because gmail getting hacked into too much still with 2-step verification might help a bit. I got an email from ex GF the other day I know it wasn't her typing this message.

Hi my name, Can you do a favor for me? I asked her why did you contact me? She replied Hi again how you doing? I hope your fine. Can you buy be itune card for my niece because I am out of town and I need you to buy it for me.

No I never answered this scammer, yes I know it's one of those type. Because she would never contact me over buying itune card. Scammers want you to buy them and give them the code on the back of the card. This way they can tap into your CC or DC info. So never buy itune cards for anyone you just don't know if it's them or not. The ex GF is ex for a reason NC = no contact. That's why I knew it wasn't her and she would never ask me for itune cards out of the blue.

Yahoo IM (scammers use the prior) I won't be using Yahoo IM or Google Hangout scammers love that one too. Along with What's app because they can call on What's app as well. Yahoo IM new version looks nice but I don't know anyone using it Facebook IM is more popular.