Yahoo set to unveil yet another Flickr redesign

Himanshu Arora

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Less than an year after Flickr got its last makeover, Yahoo is all set to unveil yet another redesign of its photo-sharing service, according Re/Code. Reporter Kara Swisher claims to have seen screenshots of the latest design. "It is yet another...

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I guess there's something to be said about self published/controlled and/or paid services. Opps - I'm a long time Flickr paid CUSTOMER.

While the very old interface had its merits and limitations I was able to easily and quickly queue up slide shows and offer directed and limited sharing of my images. The new interface is mostly counter productive or intuitive and I presume the next round of "improvements" will just make things worse.

I suppose I'm off to buy+design something that I alone control. While it will cost more in the end I'll no longer be subject to the corporate whims of "we can do what we want because its free".