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  1. I was just having a look through my pc, trying to understand things and learn more, when I went to Control Panel>Systems>Device Manager, I saw in Portable devices there was a yellow exclammation mark on MTP Device.
    Firstly, what is a MTP device & why is the exclammation mark there. Can anyone explain to me in English as I'm only a beginner. You must understand I'm over 40 & Blonde!
    My pc is Intel Pentium 4, Packard BellNEC P480410801. It's Windows XP.:eek:
  2. cliffordcooley

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    MTP Device, my guess would be "Media Transfer Protocol". The exclamation mark usually represents a driver that has not been successfully installed.

    You can try downloading "Media Transfer Protocol Porting Kit"
    Further reading:
  3. LookinAround

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    I've seen the MTP Porting Kit mentioned in other threads in other forums and though I've never downloaded it, its overview describes just what the title says: it's a porting kit and its overview doesn't indicate it provides drivers vs. porting support
    On the other hand, the good news is that MTP drivers get installed with Windows XP SP3 Media Player 11. The bad news is I still see some devices that won;t work with the XP provided MTP drivers. But is worth a shot to make sure SP3 and Media Player 11 are fully up to date.

    One other thing to try: go through all the settings on your camera. Some devices allow you to choose data transfer type as MTP vs. USB Mass Storage. If your camera allows you to choose USB Mass Storage, you can use that instead of MTP
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  4. Zilpha

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    Your device probably also came with an installation CD of some sort. Might want to look through your boxes\etc to see what you have laying around. Best place for up to date drivers is the manufacturer's website. I'd start there before trying anything complex like a "porting kit".

    And, how is the color of your hair relevant?


    (I'm blonde too and cringe whenever I see a comment implying that we are somehow less intelligent or capable.)

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