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Yet another SATA drive setup problem, sorry!

By iron_rich
Mar 1, 2006
  1. Evening all, hope someone can help

    Mobo: ASUS K87 deluxe SE
    HDD: Western Digital 160GB SATA (WD1600)

    I am trying to reinstall* Windows 2000 on the above drive, I have pressed F6 when prompted and loaded the Promise driver for Win2k when the option appears during the setup process, but after the 4th setup disk has loaded, setup says that it can`t find a hard drive. I have created an array by pressing ctrl + f during the boot up process and I have run the Data Lifeguard tools and prepared the hard drive for OS installation. (Chosen windows 2000 with SP3 and created a NTFS partition using lifeguard.) Why won`t setup see the drive?

    To test the drive was working ok, I installed Fedora Core 4 and that ran perfectly, so i don`t think its the hardrive itself.

    *Just in case it helps I need to re-install Win2k as a result of a BSOD message about not being able to find the registry. I had a USB device (my PSP) plugged in, the pc froze so I reset it and during the POST the pc started beeping like crazy. (It wasn`t a normal POST error message as far as I can tell) not thinking I whipped the PSP out and after that all I got was the error message about the registry.

    Sorry about the essay of a post but I thought it better to stick as much info on as possible.
  2. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,094

    I think Win 2k Spk4 sees large HDD natively .Canyou partition your drive atleast with 2
    Or check Microsoft for w2k spk3 work around LBA setting etc.
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