You can build and monetize your own ChatGPT with OpenAI's new platform


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In brief: The idea of being able to build your own chatbot and make money from it sounds beyond the reach of most people, especially those who don't know coding. But OpenAI has introduced a new platform for creating custom versions of ChatGPT that can be published on a marketplace – no programming experience required.

OpenAI announced the service, called GPTs, during the company's first-ever developer day in San Francisco. It defined GPTs as custom versions of ChatGPT that can be created for a specific purpose.

Some examples of GPTs include one trained on your own recipe collection so you can ask what ingredients are required for a particular dish. There could also be GPTs designed specifically for teaching kids math, or for the rules of board games, or designing stickers. Businesses could create a GPT that's personalized for a particular company and accessible only by employees.

Creating one of these GPTs requires either a subscription to the $20 per month ChatGPT Plus service or ChatGPT Enterprise for businesses. Then just head over to your personal account and select Create a GPT, at which point the GPT Builder tool will launch.

OpenAI boss Sam Altman said creating a GPT can be easy or as complicated as you like. As reported by The Verge, they can be programmed just by describing what it is you want, but you can customize one further by uploading your own custom data, linking to external services like email and databases, and granting access to web browsing, DALL-E, and OpenAI's Code Interpreter tool for writing and executing software.

Altman gave a demonstration of the feature on stage by asking ChatGPT to create a GPT that advises founders on how to improve their startups. He also uploaded a lecture he'd give on the subject.

Another test showed a GPT being connected to Google Calendar using the Zapier tool so a user could ask about their daily schedules.

Not only can anyone create their own GPT, but there will also be opportunities to monetize it. OpenAI will launch the GPT Store later this month for creations by verified builders. It will feature leaderboards, spotlighted GPTs, and more. In the coming months, creators will start earning money based on how many people are using their chatbots. Altman said he expects this to initially come in the form of a revenue share, but there's the possibility of subscribing to individual GPTs at a later date if the demand is there.

Creating your own GPTs sounds like it could throw up some privacy issues, but OpenAI says creators will be in control of their data and chats between themselves and their GPTs will not be shared with the company or others. Moreover, creators will not be able to see the chats that people are having with their GPTs, which will initially be shareable with others through web links.

OpenAI also stressed that systems will be in place to prevent the creation of chatbots that involve fraudulent activity, hateful content, or adult themes.

Elsewhere during the conference, OpenAI announced a turbocharged, cheaper GPT-4, lower prices for devs, and news that ChatGPT had reached 100 million weekly users.

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So if I want to start building my own GPTs (for which I see a real use case), how do I get going? When I click on the link from the OpenAI blog post (, all I get is the following error:

"You do not currently have access to this feature"

Thanks if anyone can guide me into the right direction.
Nope, as a paying customer I also do not see the existance of this thing:


where is the gpt builder?


As of my last update in April 2023, there was not a specific tool named "GPT Builder" provided by OpenAI.