You can now buy curated Shutterstock images via Amazon

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Shutterstock, the popular stock photography, footage and music provider, has partnered with Amazon on a curated collection of images for inclusion in Amazon’s newly launched Posters & Prints program.

The Shutterstock Collection features hand-selected images representing themes including travel, maps, wildlife, images for children and more.

Janet Giesen, General Manager of Enterprise at Shutterstock, said they are thrilled to be part of Amazon's Posters & Prints program because it exposes their stunning photography and illustrations to a new audience looking to beautify their homes or workspaces.

In a press release announcing the collection, Shutterstock said its dedicated storefront will provide Amazon customers with access to thousands of images that they can have printed and delivered – all without leaving Amazon’s website.

Digital Trends points out that the storefront is made possible through Shutterstock’s API which allows its image library to be integrated into other software. By printing images on-demand, Amazon is likely able to offer more competitive prices as inventory isn’t taking up room in a warehouse (storage fees that would no doubt be passed along to the customer).

All of the images currently on offer are up for pre-order only with a release date of March 15. Pricing seems fair as I’m seeing many 17” x 11” unframed prints retailing for $19.99 with free shipping for Amazon Prime members.

At present, Amazon lists more than 35,000 results in the Shutterstock Collection.

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Unless I miss my guess,. Amazon is going to have to provide a topical indexing system for all that material. I'll be damned if I'm going to look for a print from them the way it is now:

"Shutterstock Images, 1 to 36,000"

Right,you could spend your life looking at or for pictures. If I've missed the point, feel free to enlighten me..:confused:


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Shutterstock uses keywords for images.
1Sky 2Background 3Business 4Beach 5Food
6Business 7Football Player 8Wood 9Family 10Fitness
11Travel 12Wood Texture 13Fashion 14Valentines Day 15Coffee
16Abstract 17Water 18Paper Texture 192015 20Spa
to name a few. The above are the 20 most popular for photos. Frankly, I don't buy prints anymore except for kid gifts and shutterstock doesn't seem to be the one handling Disney, et al. kiddie wall coverings.

I also believe this is a deadend business venture. I've used old flat screen monitors for years for wall hangings and treating them as mood of the day pictures (no not family). I see from the TS article that Samsung is going to make this an 'artie' thing for the rest of the world with a screen saver for TV sets.

Buying a paper based product that I have to spend the time framing and hanging seems a waste. TVs today are pretty much the cost of a good frame. A quick check of BestBuy shows NEW 32 inchers are 129 and 42 inchers in 4K are 229 and that's probably not the cheapest place to get them. All are 'smart' enough to display a USB stick contents.

As used flat screens move down the consumer list, you'll probably see more and more decorating with them. Amazon/Shutterstock is just not going to make a lot of money down the paper road.